Mahendra Trivedi

Mahendra Trivedi – The power of his Energy Transmissions

Mahendra Trivedi, is the most unique spiritual master who, with the help of his Energy Transmissions has won the hearts and trust of thousands of people across the world. Mahendra Trivedi introduced The Trivedi Effect®, which is the impact of his Energy transmissions performed through the power of his thoughts.

Mahendra Trivedi was aware of his extraordinary capabilities right from his childhood. Mahendra Trivedi tried to recognize the purpose of his life and one day the Divine guided him to serve the humanity. Since then. Mahendra Trivedi is providing the benefits of his Energy transmissions to people around the world.



Mahendra Trivedi established the Trivedi Foundation to carry out the research activities in collaboration with eminent scientists and top universities. Mahendra Trivedi aims to relieve the world from its sufferings and want to establish peace and happiness on this planet.

Mahendra Trivedi, through his Energy transmissions administered during various Trivedi Master Wellness™ programs, has given relief to tens of thousands of people who have reported living a life with a purpose and enhanced potential. They also report about their enhanced level of confidence, mental stability, mental calmness, loving relationships and self-fulfillment in life.

The wonderful power of Blessings and Energy Transmission possessed by Mahendra Trivedi is probably the result of his unique physiology. His body’s physiology has been studied, and monitored at top research institutes and amazing results have been drawn from these studies.

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